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Automist Fixed Wall Head

Upgrade your safety - residential sprinkler alternative

Automist® Fixed Wall Head is an innovative, fire protection solution which can be used for code compliance in fire engineered / performance design. It is frequently used to complement Automist Smartscan installations.

Testing has shown that Automist can extinguish small fires and greatly impedes the development of very serious fires. Most importantly, it gives occupants the incentive to escape the room of origin instead of attempting to fight the fire. Meanwhile, Automist suppresses the fire, avoiding a flashover and buying valuable time for the fire fighters to extinguish the fire with minimized effort and risk. Automist uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles mounted on a wall at light switch height.

Automist Fixed Wall Head Installation Diagram

This revolutionary new system can detect fires, locate them, and put them out preventing the destruction that can be caused by fire and water in our historic property. We are proud to be the first in the U.S. to install the Automist System and comforted to know that our visitors’ safety is assured and the Goodridge Freedom Center is protected from fire related damage.

Carol Kauffman

Carol Kauffman Community Development & Housing of Crispus Attucks

In homes, recreational vehicles and travel trailers, Automist wall head is a fire protection device that fills the gap between the fire extinguishers and traditional sprinkler systems. For fire engineers, it provides an easily deployable suppression solution for small or awkward spaces such as voids, attics and small room additions. Automist won the James Dyson Award in 2009 and was selected by the British Library as one of the top 15 inventions of the last decade in 2010.

The backplate is available in Bright Chrome, Satin Stainless, Gloss White and Antique Brass.

  Automist Fixed Wall Head must be specified, maintained and commissioned by a Plumis Installer.