The Different types of Automist Installation

Automist must be specified, installed and commissioned by an Accredited Installer. To reflect the fact that projects vary in time pressure, budget, and skills available, our installers offer different service levels so you can find a service that works for you.


Customers in-house contractors (plumber & electrician) complete preinstallation

This lowest cost option allows you to make use of your own electrician and plumbers for cabling and hose routing. They will be given detailed instructions to prepare the site. Once complete your Accredited installer will verify that everything is in place, the hoses have been correctly routed and do not leak, and install and commission your Automist System.

The installer provides plumber & electrician

This option covers everything but the final making good. Your Accredited Installer will complete the electrical pre-installation work with his own electrician and rout the hoses. Once completed your Accredited installer they will install and commission your Automist System.

This complete Automist package including everything from site survey to full installation, commissioning and even making good afterward.