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Automist Personal Protection System (PPS)

Portable watermist sprinkler system

Automist® Personal Protection System (PPS) is an independently tested plug and play portable fire sprinkler. It makes it easy for Fire Department & Prevention personnel to protect vulnerable people or address specific fire risks. It can be used to protect everything from individuals unable to respond to a smoke alarm, to trailers or garages.

The mobile watermist system was designed in consultation with the Dorset Fire Service in the UK and is fast-acting, highly effective, portable, easy-to-maintain, and unobtrusive. The system can even be leased with payments to suit your budgetary needs.

Installation is as simple as linking to a double knock smoke alarms or flame detector with audible warning for early activation, and plugging into a nearby house plug. Automist PPS is unique because it can be hidden within any home as it is designed to look like a standard radiator.

The unit is connected to a cell phone module so will notify you by text message when it has been activated, or the power has been disconnected and the system has reverted to battery backup. It delivers fire suppression system where one cannot be easily retrofitted.


Automist local application watermist system

This system is a lifesaver. There are a lot of benefits to this, as firefighters, we know this is going to help us.


David P Michaels City of York, Fire Chief

mobile watermist system

A typical application would be to protect a vulnerable person who spends the majority of their time in either a bed or chair and because of mental and/or physical health issues is more prone to starting fires accidentally and/or unable to escape quickly. The fire hazard can therefore be considered to be localised to a specific area within the home.

Key: Flame detection means the system can be installed in the home of a heavy smoke and the system will only activate if a naked flame is present in the protected area for a sustained period

Automist PPS looks to detect and suppress the fire at an early stage before significant heat and smoke has developed and therefore before serious injury can occur. It can only be deactivated with a key switch. It is recommended that it is deployed as part of a package of measures designed to reduce the fire risk to a vulnerable person

The PPS targets 3 important phenomena highlighted on the 2016 NFPA report on “Home Structure Fires”:

  1. smoking materials have been the leading cause of home fire deaths for decades” despite “only 5% of reported home structure fires were started by smoking materials”.
  2. People 85 and older were 3.3 times more likely than the overall population to be fatally injured in a home fire. For all people 65 and older, the relative risk was 2.3 times”.
  3. Oxygen administration equipment was involved in 3% of home fire deaths” “in less than 1% of reported home fires” and “the majority of these fires, fire deaths, and burn injuries involved smoking.”


Detection Options


Flame detection with audible warning

The Flame Detector is designed to detect a 1" (25 mm) flame at a distance of 13½ ft within 1 second and provides voice messages in any language. Before the system activates it will alert, "extinguish the flame or the system will activate in 10, 9, 8...". The detector can purchased in a wired or wireless version.

Double knock smoke alarms

Two optical smoke alarms positioned a short distance apart must both activate for 10 seconds simultaneously in order to active the system.


If the fire hazard is not localised then a fixed system that covers the whole of the dwelling or risk area should be specified.