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Come help us invent the Future of Fire Protection

Plumis is seeking thinkers, builders, and relentless doers. If that sounds like you, check out our current job openings below. We’d like to hear from you. Every new member of the team changes what Plumis is and what it will become. It’s the diversity of those people and their ideas that inspires the innovation that runs through everything we do.

What is the culture like at Plumis?


We are Evolving

Plumis culture is constantly evolving and our people are curious about how we can improve ourselves, our processes and our products to create the most value for the company.  We are not precious about our ideas and fail fast to find out what works best.  We are continually making adaptations to our environment and embracing new technologies to improve our communication, processes and working practices. 


We are Collaborative

Plumis culture is collaborative and we understand that teamwork is fundamental to us achieving our goals.  We keep lines of communication between people open and solve interpersonal challenges fast.  We express ourselves in the workplace and create a place where people enjoy themselves and be their best selves.  We are a team of experts in different positions driving towards a unified goal.


We are Efficient

Plumis culture is driven towards efficiency and people are provided with the maximum flexibility and minimum constraints to optimise their efficiency in their roles.  People are able to shape where and when they work to optimise their and their team’s performance.  They spot inefficiencies in processes and systems and share these across different levels to drive progress.

What is a Plumis Person?

These are the cultural competencies embodied in a Plumis Person that enable us to create and sustain our unique culture and working practices. A Plumis Person is In PACE with our culture.


A Plumis person who can be trusted to work on a task/project independently, identify inefficiencies and take steps to resolve them.


A Plumis person is transparent about what they do, takes responsibility for their own actions and is able to explain them to others.


A Plumis person that is collaborative and has the ability to form good working relationships with others, valuing other people’s opinions and expertise.


A Plumis person is continually thinking about creative ways to transform themselves, their processes and improve inefficiencies to drive results.

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