Learn why Automist Smartscan is changing the way people think about domestic fire suppression

Automist has been trusted for thousands of residential and domestic fire sprinkler applications nationwide, because of:

Exceptional fire performance - Extensively tested against industry fire performance (BS8454), as well as a variety of real-life scenarios. Tests have shown it can activate up to 2 minutes before a traditional glass bulb system.

Data / Traceability - Every installation is logged in a central database including the software version, the coverage area, electrical connection, component batch numbers, and even the maintenance cycle. Each unit also has a 'black box' for capturing fire incident data useful during an insurance claim.

Multi-domestic approach - Individual dwellings can be retrofitted on a need or availability basis without the need for a collective disruption to occupants. Installation can be part of a refurbishment or a rolling maintenance program.

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