Automist 13D - intelligent fire protection


Why Automist 13D

Automist's runs directly off the domestic water main (max water demand 2.4 gallons per minute) and does not need a large tank. Its pipes are only loaded with water when the system is activated. Low water usage reduces the cost of installation and the chance of leaks. 
Automist uses thermal sensing and an intelligent algorithm to detect a fire. It can operate much faster than a conventional fire sprinkler.
When a traditional fire sprinkler activates, it can produce enough water to fill 3 bathtubs in 10 minutes. Automist uses only 5% of the water, filling only half of a bathtub in ten minutes. 
Automist discreet wall plate is available in different colours and designed to blend into the modern home. It avoids the need for nozzles on the ceiling which might be difficult to install if beams, ceiling roses or fans are present. 


How Automist Works


In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a ceiling-mounted detector.


Automist’s sprayheads will scan the room to look for temperature changes indicating a fire.


If danger is detected, the pipes are filled with water and the best-positioned sprayhead targets the fire.


Watermist cools the fire zone and suppresses the fire, minimising water damage.

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