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Automist runs directly off the domestic water main (2.4 gallons per minute max water demand). It is simple and quick to install in many situations that are challenging for traditional systems (e.g. low water pressure or flow, freezing or seismic risk, heritage properties, wildfire defence, vaulted ceilings, retrofit, smaller dwellings such as cabins and ADUs, and modular construction). 
Automist enables efficient use of labour, more contractor margin and shorter installation times through its plug-and-play design. Training is streamlined and interactive through the Automist Learning Management System and design software.
Our Listing due early 2024 will make it easy for Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to accept the use of Automist to meet Building Code across the US and Internationally as an alternative to a 13D sprinkler system.


Roles and responsibilities of an Automist installer

  • Use all reasonable endeavours to sell and promote Automist 13D
  • Ensure that Automist 13D is designed, installed and serviced in accordance with the latest Design, Installation and Operation Manual (DIOM) and take full responsibility for all deviations from the DIOM.
  • Utilize only suitably qualified individuals (with a valid training certificate for the role they are performing) to carry out design, installation and maintenance procedures. Plumis has developed a training suite, specific to its technology, so all active personnel can upskill and demonstrate their competence.
  • Join Plumis at the forefront of redefining fire safety and leading the way in safeguarding lives and property

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