Finally, a fire sprinkler alternative designed for ADUs

ADUs have become a viable and affordable choice as the demand for housing rises and the necessity for flexible living options becomes more evident. In 2022, there were almost 30,000 ADU application permits filed in California, representing a 3% rise in the number of applications. ADU permits have been in high demand, especially in Southern California, where Los Angeles has accounted for over 60% of applications over the last five years.   

If your primary residence is protected by fire sprinklers, typically your ADU must be. Similarly, if your ADU is larger than 1200 sqft depending on its size or more than 140 ft from the street you will also typically need a fire sprinkler. Another factor to consider when adding a sprinkler system is the increased flow rate required of the water lines servicing the ADU. This often requires the water line servicing the ADU to be connected just behind the water meter, rather than where the private water service connects to the primary residence. 


There are instances where the property's existing water meter is too small to supply the fire sprinkler system with enough flow. In this case, a $2K–$5K cost will be paid directly to the water district to upgrade the water meter. If the existing publicly owned lateral is undersized (5/8”) an additional $25–35K may be required depending on the position of the water main in relation to the meter. 

If the primary residence does not have an existing fire sprinkler system and your ADU requires one, it is likely that your water service does not have backflow prevention installed. A backflow device is a one-way valve that keeps contaminants out of the public water supply. The cost of backflow prevention systems might vary from $1.5K-$4K depending on the requirements of your jurisdiction.               


Automist avoids tapping fees and lengthy meter upgrade delays

Automist runs directly off the domestic water main and has a maximum water demand of 2.4 gallons per minute. There is therefore no reason for a water meter or lateral upgrade which can save thousands of dollars to the owner and a potential 2-month delay.

Compared to standard systems, Automist takes up less space. Its footprint is only 9 inches by 7 inches, and 14 inches tall, compared to the standard one that takes up approximately 15 square feet. This will save owners more room, as it can fit in a cabinet or under the sink, whilst offering the required 13D fire performance. Follow the link to learn more about the intelligent alternative to fire sprinklers.   

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