Fire Sprinklers for modular buildings

Ideal for Modular Building or ADUs

A growing number of modular builders are opting for Automist over traditional sprinkler systems to improve fire safety and to help modular homes, prefab builds and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) meet building code. The system is ideal for factory installation and can be easily ‘hooked up’ and commissioned on site. 

Automist is a smart system, meaning the wall heads have infrared systems that identify the fire. The system scans the room, locks on the fire, calls for the water from the pump and uses mist to extinguish the fire. The system prevents water damage because water is only activated if a fire is located and seen by the heads. Also, if there are multiple heads in the home, they communicate with each other to decide which one needs to be activated.

This new fire protection system also voids water to prevent lines from freezing. The lines are pressurized and only fill when there is a call for water. This is beneficial because most complaints in colder climates, when it comes to fire prevention systems, are about fire sprinklers freezing and breaking.

Compared to standard systems, the Plumis system also takes up less space. Its footprint is only 9 inches by 7 inches, and 14 inches tall, compared to the standard one that takes up 15 square feet. This will save owners more room, as it can fit in a cabinet or under the sink.

“I really feel like this system is far superior to standard fire sprinkler systems,” Matt Fix of Flow Fire Protection in Northern Colorado said. “These systems are very effective in taking care of, not only just in alerting the folks that there is a problem…but again, providing that safety egress piece that is also very very important in getting folks out of the house.”



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