Alternative to a P2904 Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinkler System

The concept of P2904 is to allow either the plumbing contractor or sprinkler contractor to design and install the residential sprinkler system without the need for an engineer. P2904 provides several tables for calculating the pipe size in the IRC. The tables simplify the pressure loss calculations for the given flow rate of the sprinkler. The number at the end of the calculation is a distance. That distance determines the maximum length of pipe that can be installed from the entrance of the water supply into the home to the furthest sprinkler.

Automist, a new fire protection innovation for 13D applications, goes one step further. It is a pre-engineered system as per NFPA All components connected to the water supply are designed to be installed according to pretested limitations. Plumis, the manufacturer, offers an online working plan tool to facilitate the positioning of spray heads which automatically verifies the hydraulic calculations to further reduce the burden of design work on the installer. Become an Automist 13D installer.