13D fire sprinkler alternative resistant to earthquake caused water leaks

Conventional fire sprinkler piping can sustain damage in a variety of ways during an earthquake. Even the slightest of tremors will cause fire sprinkler systems to leak, whether it's swaying of end sprinkler lines, movement of suspended ceilings, movement between building portions at seismic separation joints or differential movement between the building and sprinkler pipework. Fire sprinklers are extremely important during and after earthquakes. According to the NFPA Journal, gasoline spills, arcing electricity, exposed wiring, and gas leaks can all cause an increased frequency of fires post-seismic activity.

Automist is an alternative to fire sprinklers for 13D applications it is less susceptible to being compromised by seismic activity because it is dry pipe, not filled with pressured water in standby, and uses flexible hoses instead of hardened pipe, which means it can flex to reduce the stress on the system during an episode.