Avoid tapping fees and lengthy meter upgrade delays

Many jurisdictions charge a tapping fee for fire sprinkler lines. The owner will be responsible for construction costs associated with tapping into the water lines and this may involve temporarily shutting down the street, excavation, piping, and replacement of ground material. Sometimes an existing water meter on the property isn't big enough to provide enough flow to the fire sprinkler system. In this instance, the water district will need to be contacted to upgrade the water meter. Depending on where the water main is located in relation to the meter, an extra cost may be needed if the existing publicly owned lateral is undersized (5/8").

With a maximum water demand of 2.4 gallons per minute, Automist operates directly off the standard domestic water. Therefore, there is no need for a lateral or water meter upgrade, which might save the owner thousands of dollars and time waiting for your jurisdiction. Fill out the form below to register your interest and be informed when Automist is available in your area.

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