Backyard auxiliary dwelling unit meet city building requirements

Alternative to fire sprinklers for modular construction


Fire sprinkler for auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU)

Approved and accepted by the city and county of Boulder, Colorado. Plumis Automist is found to meet the intent of NFPA standards for residential dwelling units. It is a preferred method of protection, offering an easily retrofitted solution for Auxiliary Dwelling Units. When Mr Baca was faced with retrofitting his ADU with a fire protection system, he looked at several options and decided on Automist by Plumis, with less water usage, easily retrofitted and space-saving, it made perfect sense. The ADU utilized multiple Automist heads, a single pump and a controller.

Automist has several distinct advantages over traditional fire sprinkler systems, Mr. Baca was pleased to know the system uses only 1.6 gallons per minute while operating as a fire sprinkler system uses approximately 16 gallons per minute. The space-saving size of the equipment also contributed to his choice saving over 15 square feet of space within his ADU. Another factor was not having a large tank of standing water that a fire sprinkler system requires when utilizing a pump and tank-type system or bringing in an up-sized underground to supply a 13D type system costing thousands of dollars.

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