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Automist's Annual Maintenance | Yearly Service

NFPA data shows that when traditional sprinklers fail in the home, it’s because the system is shut off (59%) or due to lack of maintenance (10%).

Automist's maintenance procedure replicates a full response to a fire. So unlike a traditional domestic sprinkler service, we don’t just complete a series of checks, we run the pump for approximately 1 minute, as it would in a fire, and record the output pressure. A shield is provided to collect the water in a bucket, so the process is quick and will not cause any mess.

Servicing is a vital requirement to ensure any active fire suppression system will perform as expected in the event it is called upon to do so. The British Standard recommends that a fire system is serviced by a competent person on a regular basis. We would suggest this should be done no less than once every 12 months.

Depending on the use of the property, there could be a legal requirement for the system to be serviced on an ongoing basis.

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